Throughout USA we developed a net of partners who work together to satisfy the demand of a growing set of people wishing to improve their quality of life through a better nutrition.

They are distributors, large chains of supermarkets, small stores, botanical, etc.

In all cases we strive to provide an excellent service being with them on time and what they need.

That procedure allows us to gain a reputation of being a reliable supplier working hand on hand with them.

We are proud of mention some of them below, expressing our gratitude and our will to put an extra effort on our side to progress continuously in our common endeavor.

Miravalle Foods

Valley Produce Market

Buy Low Markets

Mariana´s Supermarket

La Amapola Market

El Metate Market

La Salsa Markets

Tropicana Foods

Supermercado Aguas Calientes

4 Way Meat Market

La Tapachulteca

Rabesa Mexican Products

ABC Global Import & Export

La Venadita Market

Amapola Deli Market

Clinica del Dr. Balderrama

Chivas Farm Market

Cuevas Market

Distribuidora Latina, Farmacia Internacional

La Casa Salvadoreña

La Chiquita Market

Las Montañas Market

Mercado California, Mercado San Jose

etc, etc.




SALUD FOREVER INC. is a company focused on the idea of improving the quality of life though proper nutrition, as is a growing trend that every day increases the number of people who understand that a healthy life comes from a good nutrition.

The Hispanic community is specially becoming aware of that truth, for that reason the demand of our products is growing steadily and that’s the reason which guaranty your sales will rise securely.

Our clients benefits greatly for this steady tendency as long as they incorporate a section for products which offer a healthy alternative to their everyday purchasing habits.



We are a leading manufacturer of Functional Foods aiming to the Hispanic community, and for that matter supplying most of the Hispanics supermarkets on the West Coast.

The success of our products and therefore your success is related to the increasing consciousness of consumers about the importance of keeping a good health through a proper nutrition, thus coming into play our functional foods.

95% of our customers belong to the Hispanic community, that’s why a mayor part of our labels are in Spanish and English.

Luis Cordova

Walk confident, speak wisely, be kind. A whole new generation is looking at you.

At Salud Forever we understand people

At Salud Forever we understand people do business with people, not brands nor companies, and we strive to create with our clients an entrepreneurial, collaborative, and innovative environment. 

 SFI from its beginning continues to be relied upon as a trusted manufacturing partner by most of the well-renowned Hispanic retailers and supermarkets in our country. We definitively understand what it takes to ensure that our clients succeed, providing them with functional foods that have showed an increasing demand through the years for our Hispanic community. 

One main factor the successful outcome of the commercial relationship with our customers is that we work as a team with them, where we work on our laboratory, production facility and marketing department providing all they need to develop sales (racks, flyers, etc.) allowing you to focus on marketing and sales.